The Lure Of A Holiday . . .

We could all do with a holiday; I know that. But I needed one urgently. I started obsessing about it. If I didn’t get a holiday I’d . . . what? Throw tantrums? (already doing that) Go mad? (already there) Turn axe-murderess? (hmm, now, there’s a thought . . . )

Would it be murder or a holiday? I took the holiday option and booked flights quickly, before my partner or bank manager could disagree. Hell, I didn’t want to be responsible for any wayward axes.

Besides, I’d seen the magic words. CHEAP AIRFARES. I couldn’t resist. It sounded too good
to be true. Which – I know, I know – usually means it is . . . A minor detail I forgot in the heat of the moment.

(In my defence, it was the lure of the tropical holiday, with added enticements of Kids Club and babysitting services, that did it. I was desperate. You know I was. Remember my blog about our abortive Christmas camping holiday? . . . )

So I’ve learned a few lessons.

First Lesson: book a PACKAGE deal. Accommodation as well as flights. Cheap flights are great, but only if you have somewhere to stay when you get there.

Second Lesson: once you’ve paid for your holiday, expect an unexpected, unavoidable expense. A LARGE unexpected, unavoidable expense. That way you won’t assume the cosmos hates you or it’s karma for being an axe murderer in a past life or the government’s conspiring to bankrupt you. You’ll know it was just part of the plan.

Third Lesson: if you want a no-risk holiday, don’t take one. The week you’re due to leave there WILL be a nasty international plane crash, there WILL be a tsunami warning in your destination, and there WILL be a typhoid outbreak, too.

Fourth Lesson:
if you really want a holiday that leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated, DON’T TAKE THE KIDS. Why? Read my next post to find out!