Tea Lovers Be Warned!

I felt so loved – better, understood – when Beloved gave me the ultimate tea-lover’s gift: a fancy glass teapot (you know, with the thingy in the middle for the tea leaves so you’ll never have to catch them between your teeth again) and a selection of very cool, very expensive teas to sample. Perfect! Now I could upgrade to gourmet tea guzzler while I slaved over my hot keyboard.

I quickly learned my caffeine lesson when I tried Vanilla Black Tea. I whipped up a pot, slurped down a first cup, loved it, and went back for seconds. Then thirds. (Well, it was Read More…

Silver Linings?

We’ve just had a swanky new logburner installed to replace the chimney/logburner we lost in the Quake/s. We’re now well and truly into the winter season, and after being without heating for so long it’s an amazing feeling to finally be warm in the evenings again. Hallelujah! And double-Hallelujah, because my hairdresser, who went AWOL to Auckland post-Quake and seemed unlikely to return – she’s back! My hair rejoices!

Yes, there’s much to be thankful for. For example, Master Seven is very happy with the new “hills” in our driveway (caused by liquefaction) because he now has somewhere cool to play with his cars!

Meanwhile, the rejections keep rolling in. “Womens fiction and chick lit are very hard sells at the moment.” Sigh . . .