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Last Updated 20 March 2018

On this page you can find summary information on Maggie Le Page and her books. If you need something that isn’t here, please just ask. Email Maggie via her Contact page or by clicking on the Envelope at top right of this page.

Maggie’s Books

The Fling Thing E-Book Cover 200x300
Published December 2015
Available in digital and paperback formats

Tagline – One Sexy Santa Suit. One Hot Rudolph. What can possibly go wrong?

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3 A Heat of the Moment Thing small E-Book Cover
Published March 2013
Available in digital and paperback formats

Tagline – Wrong man. Wrong time. Can two wrongs make Mr Right?

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The Trouble with Dying small E-book
Published December 2014
Available in digital and paperback formats

Tagline – They’d been through too much to let death come between them.

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Maggie’s Bio

Short Bio

Maggie lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her life leans toward chaotic, with writing time often losing out to kidstuff, home stuff and full-time work. Being a ditz comes naturally to Maggie, so she has no trouble writing her characters into embarrassing situations. No surprise, then, that she writes chick lit—albeit with serious undertones.

Longer Bio

Maggie Le Page lives in Christchurch, New Zealand (aka QuakeZone) with her two children, and a demonic cat whose favourite game is climb-the-curtains. Her days are spent teaching at a local high school or running around after her own kids, so any writing generally happens in the dead of night. (Morning? No. She’s a third-generation night owl. Enough said.)

Maggie loves chocolate, hates being cold, and is ever fascinated by the possibility of time travel. Obviously, her ideal experience would be to wake up on a tropical island eighty years into the future, with an endless supply of chocolate on hand.

The Warts and All Bio

Maggie lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her two children. Her career has (so far) morphed from finance to education to small business and back to education . . . In fact, writing fiction is about the last thing her training prepared her for. But Maggie’s never been one to let a little thing like you’re-not-trained-for-this stop her, and when motherhood came along she grabbed the opportunity to spend more time writing.

Initially she freelanced for a national parenting magazine, but eventually Maggie realised it was more fun to make stuff up. Her career as a novelist began. She’s grateful for her experience as a freelancer, though; that’s where she learned how to kill her babies. (Her word-babies, not her kid-babies.)

In 2013 she self-published her debut novel, A Heat Of The Moment Thing, a classic chick lit tale with lashings of romance and humour. She followed it in 2014 with The Trouble With Dying, a suspenseful read (yes, still with plenty of romance and humour). She could tell you what she’s currently working on, but then she’d have to kill you.

With her kids both school-age, Maggie’s now gone back to full-time teaching. This has seriously curtailed her favourite past-time of hanging out at her local café, people-watching, catching snippets of conversation and extrapolating wildly to invent new characters.

She also loves travel, reading, and lazy hazy beach days, and is ever hopeful of a Lottery win that will enable her to do all three on some secluded island getaway.

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