Maggie’s Resolutions For 2010

Okay, I know I’ve said it before, but this year I really need to tone up and trim down. Which means a) exercise and b) self-restraint. Oh God. Suddenly 2010’s looking like one long, glaucomic tunnel of doom. I mean, hello. Exercise? When do I ever have time for that? And self-restraint? Can I even say it?

Well, 2010’s going to be the year when I learn, right? I can get up at six a.m. and lurch through a workout. Anything will do. Jogging, swimming, circuit training – whatever. Just sign me up. And if my kids have woken me multiple times during the night with a typical repertoire Read More…

Brace Yourself: It’s The C-Word

Not cancer: Christmas. A word that conjures up such a range of emotions.

Emotion 1.  Surprise. Is it that time already?

Emotion 2.  Annoyance. The baubles and fake snow are cluttering shop windows, the piped music in lifts/malls/phone calls is Santa-themed, and the street decorations have appeared overnight. Do they really think we need reminding?

Emotion 3.  Panic. We’re in serious countdown, now. Have I organised presents? Bought Read More…