Critical “To Do” List Before Conference

I’ve just realised with something close to horror that it’s now only one teensy month until the Romance Writers of Australia conference 2015. Which is very exciting (can’t wait!) but also rather nervewracking (won’t know many people) and a little bit panic-inducing (too much to do, too little time).

So . . . it’s time to write the critical To Do list. I’m nothing if not a list girl. Feel free to adapt for your own list-y purposes. :)

  1. Emergency trip to hairdresser. No, seriously – there’s a reason this is #1 on the list. #badhairday I’m going tomorrow.
  2. Practise packing. Sounds funny, but is #excessbaggage serious. Must somehow fit, ooh, around twenty books in my bags without tripping the #excessbaggage sirens at check-in. Which leads me to:
    2A.  Practise carrying hand luggage. Practise sending out vibes of #innocence and #lightweight (the luggage, not me) as I haul it past the airline staff onto the plane.
  3. Prepare for ARRA Author Book Signing Event being held at RWA conference. How to prepare? Research. Conclude. Prepare. (Backup Plan: panic.)
  4. This tattooed to-do list could be the answer. It's always close to hand (so to speak).

    This tattooed to-do list could be the answer. It’s always close to hand (so to speak).

  5. Work out outfits for each of three days. Must be smart. Must be casual. Must ooze funky chick lit writer. Must suit all weather/air-con possibilities. #layers Which reminds me:
    4A. (Note to self: Think of roomie! Pack PJ’s!) (Don’t repeat first fateful conference blooper of forgetting PJ’s.)
  6. Think about pitching. Think. Nothing further required. Because we’re not pitching, right? Um . . . Maybe I should also:
    5A.  Double-check documentation. Have I made pitch appointments?
  7. Gather all documentation and important phone numbers. Check expiry dates of a) passport, b) credit card, d) driver’s licence.
  8. Further outfit issues: A) cocktail party. Has theme. Think quickly. How to portray “Fresh, Flirty and Famous” without suffering #excessbaggage and #friedbrain and #bodyimage issues? B) dinner. Has no theme (yesss!) but will be formal (darn it). Won’t it? Double-check. Pack accordingly.
  9. Panic. Oh. Wait. I already am.

Don’t you just love conferences? 😉



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    Ha ha – I love that the hairdresser is at number 1! I’ve got an appointment with mine two weeks beforehand too – gotta hide the greys!! I just started thinking about my wardrobe last night as well. I love a good dress up but I just can’t think of any ideas to go with the theme so I think I’m just going to wear a cocktail dress and be done with it! And don’t forget, you won’t be alone – you’ll have all of us newbies to cling to as well! Looking forward to meeting you!

    • 2

      Hairdresser is ticked off my list. :) I know, I know, I’ve started my run too early – but I’ll never have time in that final panicky week (or fortnight). So yeah. Done. o_O As for the cocktail party – that may never be done. Gawd. See you there!

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