Putting Coke To The Test

Coke – Is It Really The Answer To Everything?

We’ve all heard how bad coke is: “It can strip coins . . . dissolve teeth . . . eat through metal . . . imagine what it’s doing to your stomach?” But the latest one I heard is that coke could be used to clean your toilet bowl. And that really made me think.

Okay, so if you’re toilet-squeamish, perhaps you should stop reading now. But if you’re mildly curious, read on because this weekend past, I did it. I put coke to the test. Read More…

Tea Lovers Be Warned!

I felt so loved – better, understood – when Beloved gave me the ultimate tea-lover’s gift: a fancy glass teapot (you know, with the thingy in the middle for the tea leaves so you’ll never have to catch them between your teeth again) and a selection of very cool, very expensive teas to sample. Perfect! Now I could upgrade to gourmet tea guzzler while I slaved over my hot keyboard.

I quickly learned my caffeine lesson when I tried Vanilla Black Tea. I whipped up a pot, slurped down a first cup, loved it, and went back for seconds. Then thirds. (Well, it was Read More…

Self-Cleaning Hair, Anyone?

I once heard that if you don’t wash your hair it becomes self-cleaning in about four-to-six weeks. It sounded pretty good to me. Maybe I should try it some time.

The perfect opportunity arose when my partner and I embarked on a year’s travel. Nobody would know me while my hair was at the manky stage. Perfect! We flew in to Malaysia and the experiment began. No more shampoo. Water only.

It wasn’t easy. Hell, no. I’m a daily hair-washer. I went through Itchy-Scalp Syndrome and Read More…