It’s International Chick Lit Month!

It’s May! And you know what that means . . .

No, not OMG-the-year’s-getting-away-on-me (even though it is).

It’s International Chick Lit Month! Which means we’re in for a month of fun! Because that’s what chick lit is all about.

3 A Heat of the Moment Thing Amazon-Smashwords E-Book Cover 1.7 inches

99c for #ChickLitMay!

In celebration of #ChickLitMay I’ve discounted A Heat Of The Moment Thing to just 99c/99p. (Yep, bargain!)

So if you haven’t read it yet, May’s the perfect time to go grab it! Just click on the cover to check it out on Amazon.



And in other #ChickLitMay festivities . . .I’ll be taking part in several chick-lit-centric events with other chick lit authors, including:

The Great A to Z Scavenger Hunt – with a Kindle Paperwhite + $100 Amazon gift card up for grabs! Oh yeah. Show me the books!

#ChickLitRecs – check out people’s favourite chick lit reads and maybe find your next book boyfriend 😉

Chatting With The Chicks Of Chick Lit – chick lit heroines are interviewed on a talk show. You’ll find these interviews aired all over the blogosphere.

Chick Lit Facebook Party – yours truly will be taking part in this, along with a bunch of awesome chick lit authors. Giveaways galore, and you’re sure to find your next gotta-have-it chick lit read. (Update: boo hoo, I won’t be able to attend the FB party. A writer life/mummy life clash, sadly. But it’ll be great fun, I know, so enjoy it without me!)

Watch this space! More details coming soon! And Long Live Chick Lit!