Winter Wine? . . . Or Whine?

Here’s the thing: I do enjoy a cheeky red. Or a grunty red. I especially like a winter wine – you know, when you’re all rugged up with a book/kindle in hand and a smoooooth glass of red within easy reach? It almost makes winter bearable.

So it’s one of life’s injustices that all winter, every winter, I find myself fighting off colds, flus, and other vile ills. And I’ve tried that old kill-you-or-cure-you remedy, the one where you slug back alcohol in an attempt to drown the damn bug, and I’m here to tell you: It. Doesn’t. Work.

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New Website

Welcome to my shiny new website! Huge thanks to Numero Web Design for their creativity and hard work. They’ve been great to work with and I’m thrilled with the new look. Go on – grab a coffee and take a look around. You know you want to!

InD’Tale conference/dinner

Here’s your Sunday laugh – I’m thinking of going to the InD’Tale conference/dinner 😀 and was looking at flight options from NZ to Palm Springs, USA . . . Well! Imagine my shock when a pal pointed out the Palm Springs I’d been trying to get to was a whole DIFFERENT Palm Springs to where I was meant to be going! I was looking at PS in Florida (B in the pic) but I need to get to PS in California! (A in the pic) 😮 That was almost a bad mistake . . .

The Trouble With Dying has FINALLED!


OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! The Trouble With Dying has reached the FINALS of the 2015 InD’Tale RONE Awards in the Suspense category!!!!!! I heart you all so much because it’s YOUR votes that got it there! 😀 Now I just need to waitwaitwait for the winner announcement. No problem… o_O