Yummy Mummies Take A Hike

I blame the camping. Before camping I was functional. BC I was coping with life. BC I was zen mother and loving it. (Okay, maybe not the zen bit.)

And now? Now it ain’t pretty. Yummy Mummy? Hardly. Scrummy Mummy? Not at my place. Instead we have a Real Mummy scale, modelled on the richter scale with slightly less catastrophic results. And I can tell you right now that “scrummy” and “yummy” don’t feature (except in the Mummy’s-gorging-herself-on-food-again sense).

Here it is. The Real Mummy scale:

1  Dummy Mummy – Nappy brain has taken over. Thinking hurts. Serious thinking brings on anxiety attacks. Even a trip to the supermarket represents a threat to your (barely-firing) neurons.
2  Glummy Mummy – It’s too late to shove the kid back in, demand a refund, or get an exchange card. This is your lot. Sleepless nights, sick on your shoulder, sex deprivation (worse, you’re happy with that) and a life that doesn’t feel like your own. Forever. You’ve got every damn right to feel sad. Wallow in it, Girlfriend.
3  Crummy Mummy – You’ve decided you suck as a mum. You’re grumpy, you’re tired, you still haven’t worked out what your baby wants, the washing’s been on the line since last Friday, and you haven’t vacuumed in a month. It’s baked beans for tea again, and don’t you think you should get back to work and bring in some money?
4  Numb-y Mummy – It’s been so long since you had a full night’s sleep you’ve forgotten what it feels like. In fact, feeling is an optional extra that just doesn’t fit into your life right now. You’re so tired you can’t even rouse the energy to cry.
5  Tummy Mummy – No matter how hard you try for the Yummy Mummy I’m- already-back-in-skinny-jeans image, you’ve got a spare tyre – no, a flat spare tyre – hanging off your waist. Liposuction sounds good, only it costs way too much and it won’t shrink your saggy baggy skin. This isn’t what you signed up for, this doesn’t feel like your body, and you wish it would all just go away.
6  Rummy Mummy – Okay, so it ain’t good for the quality of your breastmilk, but it sure helps calm the (frayed) nerves. It also helps you forget about your tummy (see 5 above) for a short time.
7  Hummy Mummy – It’s official: things are really bad. Random tuneless humming indicates a) your brain-cells have completely broken down (what song are you humming, anyway?) and b) your sanity is in serious doubt. Maybe it’s time to take a wee break. A week or two on a deserted beach with a good book, plenty of your favourite drink, and no hint of kids should do it.

Sound familiar?