Chick Lit May – Book Giveaway


May is International Chick Lit Month. Let’s be honest—it’s the best month of the year! Every year, chick lit readers and writers get together to celebrate, share, discuss and gush about their favourite book genre. Not familiar with chick lit or Chick Lit Month? Visit for more information.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of ICLM. To celebrate, a bunch of enthusiastic authors got together and made an infographic to help readers find their next chick lit read.
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What’s On Page 45?


Today I’m back at Hello Precious Bliss, and this time I’m having fun with Faith, the heroine of my second book, The Trouble With Dying, in a “What’s On Page 45?” post. It’s all part of our #ChickLitMay celebrations, so pop in and take a look!

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Miss Chick Lit Pageant Entry


This week I’m hanging out over at the Hello Precious Bliss blog for daily chick lit-ish fun. Come join me! You’ll get to enter awesome giveaways! You’ll get to meet other authors! Today one of my heroines—Becky Jordan, from A Heat Of The Moment Thing—is being interviewed for the Miss Chick Lit Pageant.

Becky talks about her dreams, her favourite swimwear, and a very unusual talent she has . . .

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