Kids And Their Priorities

Master Nine: What if there’s a fire in our house, Mum?

Me: We get out. Fast.

Master Nine: Would there be time to get a few little things first?

Me: No. Get out. Fast. (Thinking OMG WHAT???!)

Master Nine: Does fire burn everything? Even metal?

Me: Pretty much. It melts metal.

Master Nine: (Already mourning . . . ) But my ipod touch . . .

Me: Forget it. It’s toast. That’s why we have insurance.

(Small break while Master Nine probes the concept of insurance, then . . . )

Master Nine: (With audible relief . . . ) Thank goodness for insurance. I was really getting worried there for a bit.

Me: (Not half as worried as I am, son, if you’re more worried about your freaking ipod touch than your family!)