It’s Comedy Book Week!

Comedy Book WeekHey-hey, it’s Comedy Book Week! That’s right, from 16-23 July it’s all about books loaded with fun and laughter. There are 60 authors taking part, and plenty of books are discounted or even free for the week.

So pop over to and have a look. From chick lit <waves hand madly> to satire to fantasy and even non-fiction, you’re sure to find something there that’ll tickle your fancy.A Heat Of The Moment Thing

If you’re wondering about my own books, I’ve got A Heat Of The Moment Thing available for just 99c on Amazon.

UK book blogger/reviewer Vicki Goodman is taking part in Comedy Book Week and she’s just given Heat a review that warmed me to the tips of my winter-chilled toes. You can read it here:

I’m honoured and very excited Heat caught her reviewerly eye and made her lose sleep (mwah ah ah…) :)