Brace Yourself: It’s The C-Word

Not cancer: Christmas. A word that conjures up such a range of emotions.

Emotion 1.  Surprise. Is it that time already?

Emotion 2.  Annoyance. The baubles and fake snow are cluttering shop windows, the piped music in lifts/malls/phone calls is Santa-themed, and the street decorations have appeared overnight. Do they really think we need reminding?

Emotion 3.  Panic. We’re in serious countdown, now. Have I organised presents? Bought
Christmas Day’s food-orgy fodder? Posted cards? Worked out logistics with in- and out-laws? Dusted off the decorations? Herded my kids into writing letters to Santa?

Emotion 4.  Boredom. Blah blah. Do we really need to make all this effort again, and so soon?

Emotion 5.  Anticipation. Christmas is a very special time of year if you’ve got kids to share it with. Mine can’t wait! It’s beginning to rub off on me, too. :

Emotion 6.  Happiness. Am I not the most fortunate woman in the world? I have a great partner, awesome kids, and extended family who really enjoy together-time. We may not be the richest guys on the street, but we’re warm, we’ve got food in our bellies, and we’re surrounded by people who love us.

Yep, it’s that time of year again. And I’m counting my many blessings. I’m a very lucky girl.